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SC Lacrosse Officials Association

SCLOA Uniform Standards

  1. Short sleeved shirt: One-inch vertical stripes on the body and sleeves. A black collar and black cuffs are required.
    • (Basketball , Football, or other style referee shirts are prohibited.)
  2. Long sleeved shirt: One-inch vertical stripes on the body and sleeves. A black collar and black cuffs are required.
  3. Shorts: Black shorts with 4 pockets and belt loops. A minimum 6-inch inseam is required. If compression shorts are also worn, they must be black and may not extend below the hem of the shorts.
  4. Belt: Black leather belt, 1-2inches thick, with a plain silver buckle
  5. Undershirt: All undershirts and turtlenecks are to be solid black.
  6. Jacket (Optional): Solid All Black Jacket
  7. Long Pants: Solid black nylon pants with zipper leg closures. Sweat pants are not permissible.
  8. Socks: Black “ankle” socks. The sock should cover the ankle bone. “No-show” and “crew socks” are prohibited.
  9. Shoes: Shoes must be all black with black laces.
  10. Hat: Hat must be black with 1/8th inch white piping (a sized or fitted hat is preferred).
  11. Flag Patch: The US Flag Patch is to be worn by all officials at all games . This patch is worn centered on the left breast pocket and with the bottom of the patch ¾ inches above that pocket.
  12. Patch: Officials shall wear the “US Lacrosse Official” patch on the left sleeve. The top of the patch should be roughly 3 inches down from the shoulder seam.
  13. Whistles: Officials whistles are black in color. A black Fox 40 finger whistle (pealess) is required for its clarity and power.
  14. Penalty flags: Officials flags are solid gold with a centered weighted portion added in a safe manner. Two flags shall be carried in the front of the uniform, tucked into the waistband of the shorts.
  15. Coin: A coin at least the size of a half-dollar is needed for doing the coin flip.
  16. Tape Measure: All officials must have a pocket tape measure capable of measuring up to 72 inches. Tape measures should be black.
  17. 20-second timer: A special 20-second timer for lacrosse officials is required for NFHS and NCAA games.
  18. Equipment Bag: Officials are encouraged to carry their equipment in black bags, which must be neat in appearance.
  19. Gloves: When the weather is cold, officials have the options of wearing black gloves.
  20. Manufacturer logos: No manufacturer’s logos are allowed on any garment unless approved by US Lacrosse